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The Friendship Promise Gift Box

The Friendship Promise Gift Box

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Adventures, real or imaginary, are always better with a good friend! Farlee Hawkins is a lovable daydreamer who is always ready to make a new friend. This huggable, oh-so-soft plush Farlee—with the most charming face—would make the perfect adventure companion for your child or grandchild. This heirloom-quality gift set introduces your child to Farlee’s world! These top-rated toys for kids by Farlee and Friends are sure to be a hit!

This is the first book in the Farlee and Friends early chapter series.

The Farlee and Friends series follows the daily adventures of a group of unlikely acquaintances who find acceptance, companionship, and true friendship in one another.


Seeing a mouse might not seem unusual to you, but in the town of Debonshire, it’s unheard of! Legend has it that when mice first came to the town many years ago, every last one was chased away by dogs, who feared the tiny creatures. So imagine Farlee the Airedale terrier’s surprise when a fall off his bike puts him face to face with a little mouse named Cornelius. What follows is a tale about finding friendship in unexpected places.

This Set Includes:

  • 6"x6" Hardcover book with gold foil stamp and dust jacket
  • 17″ Farlee plush with bean-weighted bottom
  • Embroidered gift bag
  • 2 iron-on Friendship Club patches
  • Tested and Passed ASTM Requirements
  • Reading Level M

Designed by author and illustrator Rebekah Phillips