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About Farlee and Friends

Take Farlee’s Friendship Pledge!

1. Friends love at all times.
2. Friends help each other be the best that they can be.
3. Friends have the courage to stand up for what’s right.
4. Friends accept you for you.
5. Friends have FUN!

There are five books in the Farlee and Friends chapter series and five promises in our
Friendship Pledge. Each book reflects one of the promises.

We also have a special-edition Christmas story, The Perfect Gift.

5 Books | 5 Promises | 5-Minute Read Per Chapter

Our Mission

Through lovable characters, stories, and our Friendship Pledge Promise, we’re committed to
doing what we can to encourage children to develop into kind, considerate, and compassionate friends.

A Note From The Author

“My love for reading began by hearing books read aloud. I’m fortunate enough to have a mother who took the time to read to me, bringing the characters alive through emotive storytelling. Listening to stories told in this way allowed my young imagination to soar, and gave me the desire to read for myself. It was her love of books that ignited my love of books—and has shaped my world ever since.

With all the advancements in technology, I believe that there’s nothing that can replace the
quality time of reading a book to a child.”

To learn more about author and illustrator Rebekah Phillips, please visit her website at:

About The Series

The entire Farlee and Friends series is designed around our Friendship Pledge. We want children to focus on the importance of seeing the strengths and good in one another—despite how different we all may be! It’s about creating a “Friendship Culture.”

How will this culture be created?

Each book in the chapter series reflects one of the promises from The Friendship Pledge. There are currently two books that are available in the series: The Friendship Promise and The Grand Cheese Giveaway. The remaining three books will be released in 2020. Once all five books are complete, the friendship pledge is complete! We have an iron-on patch that symbolizes that children have taken the pledge to be a good friend to others. Please sign up for our mailing list to be sure that you are updated when the new books are released!

We are also building an online Friendship Club Community, where children can log-in with a parent to receive their Kindness Missions. Upon completing the missions, they earn points which can be cashed in for prizes, badges, and activities.

We have also created a downloadable teacher’s guide to help build the Friendship Culture in the classroom! These downloads include fun crafts and activities, as well as valuable discussion points. It’s our hope that along with the guide, the Kindness Missions can also extend to the classroom. The entire classroom would accept a mission posted by another school in need (maybe to help donate books, have a fundraiser, etc.), then students can exchange letters with one another and learn about the things they have in common!

We believe that everyone is deserving of love and respect. We want children to look for the good and strengths in one another, even if they disagree on matters, or have different interests. We all need each other to succeed in this life!

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