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About Farlee and Friends

Welcome to Farlee’s World!

The Farlee and Friends children’s book series explores the relationship between a group of unlikely acquaintances who find companionship and true friendship in one another. With the exception of “The Perfect Gift,” the books all consist of three chapters each.

Take Farlee’s Friendship Pledge!

1. Friends love at all times.
2. Friends help each other be the best that they can be.
3. Friends have the courage to stand up for what’s right.
4. Friends accept you for you.
5. Friends have FUN!

The Main Characters:

Farlee Hunter Hawkins The Third (Airedale Terrier)

Farlee comes from a loving and stable family. He’s a daydreamer, a bit goofy, and often gets lost in his own world. He’s inventive and an excellent problem solver, but sometimes his “great ideas” get him into trouble. Farlee becomes the leader of the group and everyone seems to look up to him.

Cornelius (Field Mouse)

Cornelius is an orphan and one of the only mice left in Debonshire (as far as he knows). He is very intelligent and a bit of an over-thinker. He tends to worry a lot and is heavily influenced by Farlee. Cornelius is a very proper and well-spoken mouse who loves the finer things in life. He’s an excellent poet and enjoys afternoon tea with Haddie Cat and Dottie The Mouse. Farlee is constantly pushing Cornelius past his comfort zone—and Cornelius is Farlee’s voice of reason.

Daisy (Black Lab)

Daisy is loyal, competitive, and athletic. She’s an outdoorsy type and a proud Feather Troop member. She’s always there to lend a helping hand and is prepared for action with her Feather Troop Survival Kit.

Haddie (British Shorthair Cat)

Haddie is a spoiled kitty with good intentions. Raised by passive and doting parents, she is used to getting what she wants. Although her antics tend to annoy the others (especially Farlee), she is an imperative personality to the group. She is opinionated, manipulative, but also charming. Haddie is training to be an Everyday Princess with her mentor, Dottie The Royal Mouse.

Dottie (House Mouse ~ Heritage Princess)

Dottie is very proud of her royal heritage and fervently trying to train Haddie Cat to be a cultured citizen. Being the only royal mouse in Debonshire, she tries to stay connected to her roots with afternoon tea and strict adherence to etiquette. She is proper, poised, and demanding.

Clement (English Bulldog)

Clement is the comedian of the group. He’s clumsy, loud, and lovable! The group has to be very careful not to over-exert him due to the fact he’ll fall fast asleep (he has narcolepsy). The only thing that can be done to wake Clement up is a splash of water to the face.

Moose (Great Dane)

Moose looks like a cow, but everyone calls him Moose—and he’s a dog. His real name is Gregory Reginald Greene. Moose is so enormous that he’s become a legend in Debonshire, and an outcast by choice. He is awkward, shy, and very insecure due to his massive size. He’s a glass-half-empty type of personality. The smaller friends have to make an effort to avoid Moose’s giant feet as he prefers to walk on all fours.

Ellie (Wood Mouse)

Ellie is one of the other lone mice in Debonshire. She is completely self-sufficient and likes it that way. She lives on the tiny island in the middle of Debonshire lake, and does not like company. She has built herself a mouse mansion within the trunk of a tree on the island, and has constructed all kinds of interesting contraptions. Farlee finds her inventions fascinating!

Debonshire and Byronsburg ~ Interesting Facts

Debonshire is the country in which Farlee and his friends live. It’s a population of mostly dogs, with a few cats and other animals such as moles, owls, and opossums. It’s a hilly, wooded countryside. The mice are the only animals that aren’t warmly welcomed in Debonshire. In Farlee’s world, mice never grow old and are exceptionally smart because they have had centuries to gain knowledge. When the mice originally arrived in Debonshire, the dogs chased them off for fear they would be over-run in population and resources. Debonshire is a peaceful countryside, and the residents that live there are accustomed to a simple, quiet life.

The mice are originally from the country of Byronsburg which is very overpopulated. It’s a thriving metropolis, with a strict hierarchy between classes. Cornelius and his family embarked for Debonshire many years ago to try to find a better life. Dottie, who is a Royal Heritage Princess, also fled from Byronsburg because she had fallen in love with a common mouse from the Bank Vole family. Sadly, her love interest wasn’t able to board the ship, and she found herself alone in a strange new land. Fortunately, she has found a friend and pious admirer in Haddie Cat.

The Books

The Perfect Gift ~ A Christmas Story (Special Edition) 34 pages

“On Christmas Day and every day, it’s the thought that matters most.” Christmas is only one day away and Farlee still hasn’t come up with a
gift to give his mom! It has to be the “perfect gift.” Perhaps his friend Cornelius the mouse will know what to do—he always has great ideas!

This Book Teaches:

– Creativity

– Teamwork

– Family Bonding

Book 1 ~ The Friendship Promise

Farlee takes a spill off of his bike that puts him face to face with a little mouse named Cornelius. Seeing a mouse may not seem so out of the ordinary to you, but in Debonshire, mice are thought to no longer exist! Legend has it that when the mice came to Debonshire years ago, the dogs had chased them all away out of fear. Fear of what, Farlee doesn’t know, but he’s happy to have found a new friend in Cornelius. Farlee’s friend Daisy introduces them all to the Feather Troop Friendship Pledge.

This Book Teaches:

– Friendship

– Acceptance

– Kindness

Book 2 ~ The Grand Cheese Giveaway

“It’s crunchy and crispy, but melty and marvelous!”

Farlee sets off to make an irresistible cheese sandwich to tempt Cornelius out of his mouse house. After nearly being discovered, Cornelius has decided not to take any chances, but a flying cheese sandwich just may do the trick! The boys also have a chance encounter with some very fancy new friends!

This Book Teaches:

– Patience

– Friendship

– Sharing

– Creativity

Book 3 ~ The Very Sleepless Sleepover

Farlee is completely fed up with Cornelius’ new friends, Haddie and Dottie, and he decides he’s going to have a special camping trip—no princesses allowed! Cornelius feels terrible about not including the girls but fails to stick up for them. Farlee reassures Cornelius they’ll have more fun with his friend Clement, a bulldog who has trouble staying awake. Clement’s proclivity for falling asleep serves him well, as everyone else is going to have a very sleepless sleepover!

This Book Teaches:

– Social Inclusion

– Courage

– Preparation

– Humility

Book 4 ~ The Giant From Debonshire Knoll – COMING SOON

Book 5 ~ Ellie’s Island – COMING SOON